Langley's Piece


I hope you are all keeping well.   Well, it’s my job today, as the new “co-super”,  to write the bulletin so here goes!  

So what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks?  A lot really!  


We had a wonderful local preachers meeting last week.  It really was.  We shared communion together and spent time with each other and with the Lord.  We met at Brookside and our prayer for the evening was simply, “Lord, may the words we speak be as salt.  May they bring comfort, healing, new life and peace.” We agreed that often it’s the conversations we have with people either before or after the service where we so often see God at work.  Indeed, a couple of us shared with the group how this has definitely been the case recently.  To be able to offer a little prayer with someone who is struggling before they leave church is a real privilege. When we go out to lead worship we would be wise to spend an equal amount of time listening as we do speaking!  


On Thursday we had our monthly staff meting.  We now have a new member, Alexandra.  Alexandra works with Sarah’s as curate and it’s was a joy to welcome her to the staff team. 


I had a lovely day on Sunday. I was at Yaxley in the morning and then went to Eltons open afternoon.  It was great. There were so many people and the cake was amazing!!  I met some lovely people and enjoyed every minute!    


Monday afternoon I went to Ailsworth for an coffee and chat.  Again it was a lovely afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  


Monday evening I met with Langley and the Brookside stewards to talk about how the next couple of months are going to work as I increasingly take more responsibility for the church over the coming weeks.  It was a good meeting.  Langley and I are going to be working closely across the circuit and so the good news is he won’t be loosing touch with either Elton or Brookside completely.  


There have been other meetings too this week including the Superintendents meeting and our circuit safeguarding meeting.  Thank you to David Whiting for taking on the role of Circuit Safeguarding Officer and for working with the churches so we are all up to date with the training and paperwork etc.  Not an easy task!


There are other things I could mention but I think that’s enough for now.  


Other than to say, I’m very aware this week that there are an awful lot of poorly people at the moment.  If you’re battling with ill health or living with pain, may the Lord comfort you and hold you in His arms.  If you’re worried about a loved on, may the Lord grant you His peace.  And finally if you’re grieving the death of a loved one, may you know His comfort and His Love.  


God bless